About Us

The Learning Circle Way to success. advance. progress.

Our Beginning

We started Learning Circle with eight students. Having taught in a school for many years, knowledge of the struggle which children go through in senior school has helped to shape our teaching. Keeping the the interest of the student first, this is always our aim.


We stick to a firm timeline and complete our syllabus well in time. Tests, tests, tests we believe bring out the best in our students. If our students perform to their full potential, we feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

Observed Student Progress

They start doing their homework. They start giving tests. There is an improvement in the efficiency of their answers. Speed of answering improves. They become more serious about giving tests. They become more truthful about not being able to do something. They start performing better in school.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired to do even better, when we see these changes in our students. We have no favourite students. For us all students are equal.

Inspiration from a Parent

"We wish we had come to your institute earlier. The regular tests with prompt and thorough checking and regular feedback is making a lot of difference".

Inspiration from a Student

One of our students rang us up from his school to share his marks. He had done better than ever before.